Transitioning from Tumblr to WordPress and what this means

For the most part over the last 4 years, I’ve been a fairly active user of the Tumblr platform for blogging my thoughts. was fairly easy to set up, and there is nothing like Tumblr in terms of being plug-and-play and in overall ease-of-use. Over the past few weeks, I’ve become more and more disenchanted with Tumblr due to steps which make it less friendly to bloggers like myself, likely precipitated by its acquisition by Yahoo and their own internal considerations. I’ve written about one of those issues here, and as a result, have recently decided to move part of my web presence to Wordpress, given the level of control the platform provides. No, it may not be as easy to use or elegant as my Tumblr site, but in a few hours, I was able to put something together which is certainly respectable.

What does this mean for

No, I will not be shutting that down. The site will be up and continue unabated. The focus of yidvestor will be on capturing my short thoughts and general links or videos which I find to be of interest. This new blog, will take over as my outlet of choice for writing about long form issues which I think are important or for topics relating to my work with TechU Angels.

I will likely not be blogging every day or more than once or twice per week. For that reason, if you are interested in staying in the loop I recommend you sign up for email updates to the blog.

Thanks, and happy reading.