Accion Systems wins Unicorn Idol Competition at Fortune Brainstorm Conference

I am proud of all of our portfolio companies at TechU Angels. The founding teams work day and night to build long term, sustainable enterprises that will make a serious impact. As investors, although we can’t take any of the credit, we are in the fortunate position to have a front row seat.

One of our portfolio companies in particular – Accion Systems – seems to be on a very high trajectory. I am proud to share that Natalya Brikner, the founder of Accion was invited to pitch at the Fortune Brainstorm Conference – Unicorn Idol Competition last week, and of the 5 invited companies, came out the winner.

While I’ve long ago learned first-hand that a company’s success isn’t crowned in a competition, I am still extremely excited about the prospects for Accion and can’t be anything but proud. If you aren’t familiar with what they do, I would take the time to read up about them. A quick Google search yields this.

Update: If you’d like to view a video of the event, you may do so using the following link.