Announcing TechU Fund I

I am happy to share that TechU raised our first dedicated $10M venture capital fund this past week. We plan to use the capital to continue supporting deeptech entrepreneurs across the globe. Since 2014 we have helped entrepreneurs get started and have seen them build foundational companies that have already made serious impact and will continue to transform the world. These include companies like Bevi, LedgerX, Accion Systems, Ayar Labs, Multiply Labs, ReviveMed, and RemoteHQ. We now have a bit more money to support more entrepreneurs and do it on a larger scale.

I would like to thank our LPs for their strong support and for their good vibes. We are fortunate to be backed by smart-money investors, over 40% of whom are entrepreneurs with at least one successful exit of $100M (or more), 88% of whom held high C-level positions at major organizations, and 95% of whom are serial angel/seed investors.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the support of our Venture Partners Sonny, Alexander, and Srid who continue to serve as trusted advisors to myself and our portfolio companies, and who bring tremendous insights to our weekly discussions.

If you or any of your friends/colleagues are working on a deeptech startup or idea that fits our thesis, I would encourage you to reach out –

Time to get to work.