MIT Sloan Finance Conference NYC

Today I had the opportunity to attend the MIT Sloan Finance Conference in NYC at the Mandarin Oriental for a full day conference. I also had the opportunity to attend the prior one which took place two years ago. In stark difference, a big part of this year’s panel discussions focused on innovation, and more specifically with financial technologies, highlighting those coming from MIT Sloan faculty. The focus of the previous event was more on financial engineering and risk management. It’s amazing to see how the world of finance has evolved in the past couple of years. Clearly a big impact being felt by all the progress made in tech and entrepreneurship. Also, the previous conference was taking place in the shadows of the 2008 financial crisis. Hopefully this is a sign that we are passed that crisis.

I’m pretty fortunate to have attended an institution that’s been at the forefront of managing and leading the advancement in tech and innovation. #mitsloan

Note: picture above is of Bob Merton, current MIT Sloan professor, Nobel laureate, and inventor of the Black Scholes model.