Video: The state of deep tech in 2018

I was recently invited to participate on a panel on the deep tech ecosystem hosted by BostInno at Analog Devices together with Leila Pirhaji of ReviveMed (a TechU portfolio company), Patrick O’Dougherty of Analog Garage, Matt Duffy of Climacell, and Jason Whaley of Rhapsody Venture Partners.

The event was attended by many local deep tech entrepreneurs from the Boston community and brought out some interesting discussion points.

Some of the topics I elaborated on include:

  1. Intro to TechU and our deep tech focus (1:50)
  2. How we determine the value of the deep tech component of a startup and how entrepreneurs should communicate the value of their technology to investors (7:43)
  3. The importance of entrepreneurs testing the value of their technology with potential customers before pitching potential investors (13:54)
  4. Describing the investors’ role of guiding the startups that they fund. Difference between advice and an order. (24.42)
  5. The role of buzzwords in communicating your startup is trumped by the importance of having a secret sauce (32:33)

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.