Announcing our investment in WhoKnows

I’m happy to introduce a new portfolio company to the TechU Angels family. We recently made an investment in WhoKnows, Inc. — we are excited by what they are building, their vision, and the team.

What they do:
WhoKnows is leading the next evolution of enterprise collaboration tools by allowing companies to understand and gain deep insight into the professional relationships and the knowledge base possessed by their employees, information which when shared internally, enables and empowers their employee base to accelerate growth, sales, and product development. They are building the next generation of collaboration software using machine learning and contextual recommendations.

Here’s a quick teaser video:

How it works:
They do this through a proprietary patented discovery platform that, when placed in an office environment, dramatically increases engagement throughout the organization. They can then contextually recommend the right colleague through various plugin tools (Google search, LinkedIn, WhoKnows App, Salesforce, Jive, Quora, Bing, etc.), so employees don’t have to change how they work.

Also, since I know you would ask, setting up the platform only takes a couple of minutes (at the individual user level), so entire multinational corporations can have their entire employee base up and running in less than a few hours.

Chris and the team plan on some exciting updates in the next few months. I’m looking forward to updating everyone in due time. If you’re interested in a demo for your company, let me know and I’ll be glad to connect you.